Why Wait to Lose The Weight?

Why Wait to Lose the Weight?

Ready to connect with YOUR Dragon Spirit for effortless weight loss?

This isn’t about diet, exercise, or calories. It is about finding the real reason why you keep eating and why you don’t feel motivated to exercise.

Not everyone’s weight problem is about emotional choices. If you find the root cause, without the filter of the ego and mind, you can release it. In this group channelling session, you will connect with your Dragon Spirit, the voice within that craves adventure and is also uber-wise and knows the answers to all of your questions.

In the Dragon Spirit space, you will gain awareness of your root so that you can change your weight, health and vitality.


  • Wed, Sept 17th, 8:30pm PACIFIC time (11:30pm EST) AND
  • Mon, Sept 24th, 8:30pm PACIFIC time (11:30pm EST)
  • Please set aside 75 minutes in your day to participate in the session

How to Connect?

  • Join LIVE by phone or by Skype

How to Sign Up?

To sign up, please fill out the form below and I’ll be emailing the call-in details soon! I’ll also be sending you Dragon Spirit Wisdom channelled JUST FOR YOU twice a month on the 8th and the 24th.

Thanks for jumping in and being a part of the Dragon Spirit “Why Weight?” session. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!