What I Learned From Playing the Abundance Game

Today, I played the Abundance Game and met some new friends. I also learned some important lessons that I feel are important to write down, lest I forget. The game was a bit like an oracle divining messages to those ready and willing to observe. Some things were a reminder and some came out of left field, but were oh, so appropriate.

So here’s the wisdom I gleaned today:

  • To best align energy, just play the game (of life). Have fun. You don’t have to do anything. Just play.
  • Don’t put your fate in other people’s hands.
  • Play bigger.
  • Create a daily practice of appreciation. Appreciate your life AND the people in your life. And, let them know. Thank them.
  • Remember the goals and the big picture.
  • Don’t take away from the positive by comparing to the negative.
  • Find a way to serve more people for less.
  • Life lessons can be learned from positive experiences too, not just the negative ones.
  • Play to win, not just to play. (Loosely translated: while it’s awesome to play just for fun, if you want to reach your goals, play with the goal in mind)
  • I may be in “recess” mode a little too much. Time to get some stuff done.
  • Show up on time
  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • When you’re passive income exceeds your expenses, you’re rich ;)

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