The 24 Hour Productivity Boost

After the conclusion of the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit, I gave myself permission to completely veg out and relax. We visited family up in Canada and I totally indulged in completely mindless activities.

I ate Cheezies, read werewolf teen-lit, read women’s fashion magazines, and watched a lot of reality TV that I would not normally watch such as a whole bunch of shows on weddings, home makeovers, house hunting and “What Not to Wear”.

It was just what I needed after expanding/expending so much energy for the previous three months.  But, I started to get caught up in the lower vibration that these activities brought about.

In the past week, I went overboard on my penchant for Gordon Ramsey cooking shows and watched about 8 episodes of Hell’s Kitchen.  Even as I watched it, I knew that the conflict and anger in the show would affect my life, but I just kept watching it.

And sure enough, my naturally high vibration started to get bogged down.  It’s like eating chocolate cake.  A little bit is okay and your body bounces back, but too much and you start to feel sluggish.  And indeed, I was starting to feel spiritually sluggish and found myself struggling to move forward with my Dragon Spirit Launch Pod Teleclass.

Good thing I have access to my inner voice, aka Dragon Spirit. In addition to being uber-wise, adventurous and powerful, it can tell me in a gentle manner just exactly what is stopping me and how to move forward easily and authentically.

I asked, “Why am I feeling stuck?”.  The answer I received was that I was lowering my vibration too much by engaging in activities and eating foods that lowered my vibration.  The advice I got was to stop doing the things that lowered my vibration for the next 24 hours. After 24 hours, I could ask questions about my teleclass and get the answers that would lead me to the easiest and most prosperous path to follow.

I didn’t need to try to raise my vibration, just simply stop lowering it.  My vibration would naturally bounce back up.  This is very much what Abraham-Hicks teaches–that your natural state of wellness and abundance is like a cork in the water.  Once you stop holding it down, it bobs right up to the surface.

So, for the past 20 hours, I have been paying attention to my thoughts, feelings and impulses.  Whenever I had a thought that was negative, critical or judgmental, I would catch myself and think, “Ah, this is lowering my vibration.  I will stop.”

I didn’t try to force a positive affirmation if it didn’t feel natural.  I just interrupted myself.  It was like distracting a toddler.  Acknowledge what’s going on and then find something else to focus on.

I’d catch myself getting annoyed at a bad driver and then I’d stop myself from continuing to think criticisms.  I’d notice myself riding a thought train that I was feeling tired and I would jump off before the train could gain momentum.

Halfway through this process, I started to feel like myself again, naturally buoyant, optimistic, full of joy and love.  I also saw more of this around me and in the interactions I had with others.

My son’s acupuncturist is very friendly and caring, but in a Chinese way, so there’s still a little bit of reservation and respect for personal boundaries.  However, today, after she saw my son, she held his face so tenderly in her hands, beamed at him and said, “I love you.”  And he gave her a wonderful hug in return.

That’s just the kind of day I’ve been having :).  And I feel the energy and light and excitement brimming inside me again and I can’t wait to move forward with my teleclass in an expansive manner that’s fun and easy!

My Dragon Spirit said to wait 24 hours so that my vibration would be at its highest and then I could ask about my telesummit.  So, I’ll wait, but I’ll refrain from watching the next episode of Hell’s Kitchen while I’m waiting ;).

BTW, I did get the download that I could watch up to 2 hours a week without it affecting my energy.  So, maybe I will get to see who gets chosen to be the head chef at BLT Steak in New York!

The 24 Hour Productivity Boost — Try It Yourself

If you’re feeling blah, having trouble getting stuff done, or feeling like you’re struggling, all you need to do is raise your natural vibration (soul energy) to instantly boost your productivity.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make note of the time and commit for the next 24 hours to being aware of all of your negative thoughts, feelings and actions.
  2. Each time you have a negative thought or feeling, acknowledge that it’s lowering your vibration and taking you away from your soul’s natural state of joy.  After you acknowledge that you’re lowering your vibration, focus on something else.
  3. When you are about to embark on an activity that is harmful, remind yourself that you committed to raising your vibration for 24 hours, so don’t do it!  E.g. if you enjoy a morning donut, but feel it’s bad for you, skip it for this 24 hour period.  It’s easy enough to refrain from an activity if you tell yourself it’s just for the next 24 hours.
  4. Pay attention to your mood as the day progresses.  You’ll notice a dramatic improvement as you continue this process and get closer to the 24 hour mark.
  5. At the end of the 24 hours, ask yourself if you want to continue feeling good or if you want to return to your negative habits.

It’s your life…and life is what you choose it to be.


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