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After the Show – The Eye of the Storm

Borrowing another Oprah-ism, I decided to title this post, “After the Show”. Right now, I feel I am in the calm center of a tornado.  However, tornado is probably too strong a word to describe things, although I do change like the wind and much change is going on around me.

I just finished giving my presentation for the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit and once again, my Dragon Spirit nailed the session. In the past, I would spend several days over the course of a few weeks to prepare for a presentation, but for this one, I didn’t have that luxury since I’m running my telesummit at the same time.

On Sunday evening, I sat down on the couch and asked my DS what to talk about and as always, I received very clear instruction.  Instead of talking out loud to access my DS, this time, I chose to write out the answers.  I could barely keep up with how fast the words were coming out as I wrote.

I did receive direction maybe about a week ago that I would do a 20-minute live Dragon Spirit session during my interview.  However, I had no idea what direction the session would take.

For someone having no idea what I would say for 20 minutes of a 60 minute interview, I was amazingly calm.  I trust my DS to give me guidance on what to say next.  And as sure as a teleprompter, images and words just come to me.  If you listened in live or to the audio recording, I invite you to leave your comments here.  I’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

Tonight, really is the calm between the vortex of activity that I’ve been experiencing for the telesummit.  Last Saturday, I recorded Murshidah Said’s interview on LOVE & RESPECT.

Sunday, I touched base with Sacha who inspired me to start this blog.  I also re-recorded the intro for my interview with Kristina and my husband graciously patched it into the audio recording at the last minute.  I also drafted questions to send to Ellen Shing for her interview on Finding Your Perfect Fit.  And I went grocery shopping at two stores, bought a picture frame for family photos and found a penny on the ground right next to the shopping carts at Trader Joe’s.  That was just Sunday :).

From Monday to 5:45pm today, I had set the intention to welcome the people who would want a Dragon Spirit session.  That entailed creating a few new web pages, writing my guide on the “12 Ways of Effortless Action: How to Accomplish Anything With Ease and Grace”  Of course, since I’m a designer by nature, I enjoyed fiddling with the fonts and layout so that it would look nice and read well.

Speaking of which, I also connected with this amazing web designer who is listening to the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit. If you’re in need of a beautiful design for your business, I highly recommend that you check out Caroline’s work at www.carolinedesign.com.

I also agreed to do a Dragon Session this morning for a friend.  In spite of all this activity, it really wasn’t a tornado.  It felt more like a breezy day.  Tonight is the calm moment, so I may use it to catch up on housework.  The living room could really use a vacuum.  Spot sweeping has only gotten us so far ;).

Also, since I haven’t had much time to cook this week with three live interviews, it will be a waffle, yoghurt and fruit night for dinner tomorrow.  Two interviews tomorrow night.  The live one is with relationship expert, Annie Lin on How to Find Your Soulmate, who by the way, did an awesome job interviewing me tonight.

I gave her a list of questions and points that I wanted to cover and she added her own insights and asked in a way that enabled me to speak to my points in a very natural way.  Thanks Annie.

After the live interview, I’m pre-recording Ellen Shing’s the same night.  Friday, is Olivia Vicky Lee‘s interview.  Then, it’s editing time.  My husband is editing Murshidah’s.  Marielle will edit either Ellen or Olivia’s and I’ll be editing the remaining one.

Here’s one good takeaway for you.  Accept help when it is offered to you.  Marielle asked me, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  And of course, the Asian in me, says, “No thank you.  Please don’t trouble yourself.”  BUT, the Dragon Spirit says, “Not unless you know how to edit audio.”

BINGO!  Marielle exclaimed excitedly, “I do!”

So, be open to help from others.  If you’re hosting a dinner and someone asks if they can bring anything, say, “Yes”.  If you’re swamped at work and your boss says, “What can I do?”, throw out a suggestion.  You never know how others can help you until you allow them to.