Success Stories

Success Stories

“After one Dragon Spirit session, I feel joyously fulfilled and enabled to launch the service work of my dreams!”

After 6 months of dancing with a myriad of business niches, and hundreds of work hours and thinking so hard, Holly helped me clarify what my Soul purpose is.
I had been close all along, and who knows how many more weeks or months I might have kept writing and searching. But after one Dragon Spirit session, I feel joyously fulfilled and enabled to launch the service work of my dreams!
Holly’s gentle and wise nature, combined with the strength of her commitment to serve as a voice for her soul AND for mine, calmed me deeply. I felt a new channel of easy energy open from my head through my throat and heart, down to my belly. I can still feel the energized clarity re-activated by each deep breath!
What a relief to the whole of me! What a joy to be moving forward!
Monica McGuire, Parent Mentor

“I cannot thank Holly enough for guiding me to my purpose. What she has done for me is priceless.”

“I had shared with Holly that I had been guided to pursue Energy Medicine, because I was a healer, but I didn’t feel I was worthy of the “healer” title. It was too powerful of a word for me.
Holly sent me a message and she felt that I should stop researching and instead just start to work on people.
She gave me a great idea to offer three treatments to three friends or clients and to get their feedback. Her words resonated with me and that day I had asked three people if they were willing to try my Energy work and I found people immediately who were open to trying.
I had created a treatment and from the first treatment that I had done, I knew I had something special. Every person that I have worked on since has had profound feedback for me. The feedback has given me the confidence and assurance in calling myself an Energy Healer. I came out of the closet as an Energy Healer a month after I received Holly’s message.
Thy Pham, Energy Healer and Owner, Aria Skin & Body Studio

“Through my Dragon Spirit session with Holly, I was able to connect with what my heart’s true longing is, and more importantly to give myself permission to have it”

“I now realise that until that point, I hadn’t believed I could have it, or maybe even deserved to have it.

I had been seeking clarity on the way forward in my business for over a year, so it was a huge relief and joy to me, to finally have a clearer vision to work from.

I am now just about to launch a whole new business, which will be incorporating everything I love, that allows me to live the fullest expression of myself, whilst empowering others to do the same.

I am full of appreciation for Holly and what she was able to guide me to see and feel during the session, then what I have gone on to DO and BE as a result. Thank you Holly!”
Sharon Crawford, Conscious Entrepreneur, Multiple Telesummit Host & Founder of Spiritual Messengers World Wide

“I made more progress in six months than I had in almost 20 years.”

“I’ve been doing spiritual training for over 10 years and personal development for almost two decades. However, I found when I tried to move forward with things, there would always be hesitation and a lot of fear.

While there have been different epiphanies along the way, none of them moved me to take action as much as my time working with Holly. It was like I couldn’t do it on my own. Dragon Spirit had me moving forward more in six months than I had in almost 20 years.

Through Dragon Spirit, I realized that what I thought was action and focus in my life was pretty much the opposite. I was distracting myself from really living my purpose.

The authenticity that I feel today along with the lack of fear is really comforting. Everything feels easier. I feel if I just follow the flow, then everything will happen and it IS happening.

When I speak to people, I feel myself being more direct. I’ve always been honest, but now there’s an honesty with a confidence that I hadn’t felt before. I feel like I found my authentic voice. I had a voice, but it just wasn’t the authentic one. The voice I had before was the one that thought she was doing what she was supposed to be doing. It was the voice of the mind, whereas this is the voice of my heart — my true self.

Thanks to Holly, I feel I am living my purpose and the abundance is coming in!”
Marielle Smith, Soul Coach

“I had been working on getting clarity with my particular niche for months…now I just get it – my niche is clear and my questions answered”

“Before I had my session with Holly, I had been working on getting clarity with my particular niche for months. I had tried several different ideas and while each one had a “piece of the puzzle” nothing really fit for me in a way that I felt completely clear.

Having the Dragon Spirit session with Holly completely floored me. Even during the session I was so shocked at how easily she was able to guide me to connect with my soul and how easy I felt the answers to my questions rising. It was fast, effective, and now I just get it – my niche is clear and my questions answered. Thank you Holly! ”

Robine Yohm, Medical Intuitive Specialist

“It seems one of my gifts has been staring me in the face all this time, and I consistently disregarded it. However, these sessions have helped to make my passions realized not on an intellectual level, but on an experiential and energetic level.”

“I’d come to a realization that I lived the majority of my life in my head. Although, it’s gotten me to great places, something was lacking. Initially, I felt that passion was lacking in my life. I loved a lot of things, but I’d been seeking something(s) that light a fire in my soul and resonate with every cell of my being.

I wanted to find this passion and turn it into a business so that I never have to work another day in my life, can experience fun and freedom in what I do, and feel inspired and motivated every day. This desire and quest for passion has been going on for maybe a decade.

Through my Dragon Spirit sessions, I felt energetic shifts within, where a lot of stuck energy started to move out. The great thing is that the shift didn’t just last during the sessions—they still remain. In addition, the clearing and realizations from the sessions moved so much unnecessary energy out of my being that it made room for more productive and loving energy to emerge.

Before the sessions, I unconsciously stored and suppressed emotions due to a childhood incident. In addition, I didn’t realize until the sessions that I lived most of my life emotionally numb due to this same incident. With Holly’s guidance, she helped me to open up and experience the suppressed emotions and set them free. Each day, I feel like the “novocaine” is wearing off and I’m feeling much more without the apprehension.

I learned to experience and release emotions at ease, especially emotions we tend to judge as negative, such as fear and anger. In addition, I became aware of how I kept my heart small and enclosed, practically hidden. I’m more conscious to expand the heart energy, allowing it to flow freely, and am working to continue expanding my heart energy out to the Universe.

Another significant change is the realization of my strength and inner light. I also became aware of two of my passions!

Holly and the work she does is amazing! The way she was able to fully connect to me and feel what was going on with me over a phone session was remarkable. I felt an instant connection and had 100% trust in Holly and her work from the very beginning, even though I never worked with her or met her before.

I achieved way more than I intended to, and look forward to continue working with Holly and her Dragon Spirit sessions. I’m very grateful to have connected with Holly!

Madeline Estrada, Reiki Master and Life Coach

“Wow! I was in a different place. Holly took me to a very deep place and with such grace and ease. It was very soothing. Holly is always very intuitive and powerful. It’s amazing.

Annie Lin, Master Life Coach and Relationship Expert


“What a feeling to have a heart that feels light and free and all knowing.”

There is no issue that causes it panic, it knows it’s truth now, it has been opened and freed. It no longer drags around with it all the baggage of the past. It moves forward with confidence and happiness.

A literal smile upon my face that is drawn up from my heart. My heart has room again for compassion, unconditional love and acceptance. Like when I was a child. Almost like I get to start again moving forward from this point and not looking back.

What a gift I have given to myself by allowing in the lightness of pure love, releasing the fear. Thank you so much Holly for your guidance through the opening of my heart!

Belinda Leppa