Skipping Through Life

Since making the decision to follow my heart six months ago, whenever I hear my inner voice urging me to do something, I act on the impulse. Most of the time, it’s urging me to do things that my rational mind would consider insane. Downright crazy!  But I’m so used to hearing the voice and seeing the amazing results that now, I’m usually game for anything.

Let’s look at one of my latest examples. I was crossing the street at a traffic light, and as I was walking infront of the cars my inner voice told me to start skipping.

“Skipping???!!!!” my mind exclaimed in horror.  THE HORROR!  “But the drivers in the cars will see me. I’m right infront of them. There’s no way I can pretend that they won’t notice me.”

Having become very familiar with my inner voice, I knew that following the impulse would be a good thing. I told my mind to pipe down and I made a very small, tentative skip/hop as I crossed the road. My mind confirmed, “Yep, crazy and embarrassing.”

However, I also noticed something very profound. Whenever I skipped, the movement was light and fun. I covered more distance much quicker and much more easily than walking.  And each time I skipped, a huge smile appeared on my face.

I skipped all the way home.

Now, imagine how far you could fly if you skipped through life. Imagine the big smile on your face as you skip along to wherever you’re going. The destination doesn’t matter all that much if you’re having fun along the way.

Go ahead, give it a try. I dare you. The next time you’re outside and there are people around you, try skipping. You know you want to… ;)

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