Own Your Niche

Own Your Niche

Before you read about how to own your niche, I have a question for you.

Was it your head or your heart that made you click the link to this page?

Be honest and really go within to hear the answer.

Because this is a “trick page” that I created to show you the difference between following your head vs. following your heart.  You see, your heart absolutely does not care what your “niche” or “target audience” is.  Only your head does.

It’s what you’ve read, seen, or been told by someone you judge to be an authority on the matter.  After all, they’re successful and they have a niche, so your mind has convinced you that you must also stake your claim on a niche.  If you want to make money you absolutely must have a niche.  Does this sound familiar?

But we’re all different.

What if I told you that you don’t have to pick a niche?  What if I told you it works for some people, but there are a whole bunch of people who struggle with choosing a niche—not because there’s something wrong with them—but because picking a niche does not align with what their hearts are telling them.

Is this the truth in your heart?

  • You’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what your niche is, but it still doesn’t feel right
  • You have too many diverse talents and interests to pigeonhole yourself to just one message and one group
  • YES! You’re audience really is that BIG and that DIVERSE

So, what’s the alternative? 

There is truth to the idea that you do need to start somewhere.  However, the amazing thing is that once you get started, you can go anywhere you want.

Think of it this way.  Imagine if you were shopping for a dress and you walked into a fancy department store, rode up the center escalator and stepped onto a floor full of dazzling dresses.  And on this floor, every dress was your size, your color, in your budget and of course, completely flattering to you.

How do choose just one?

What if a salesperson walked up and told you that you could only pick one dress and that you’d have to wear that one dress every day for the rest of your life?  Are you in bliss or are you in hell?  How would you choose just one?  You’d want to make damn sure that the dress you picked was the “perfect” one, wouldn’t you?

What if instead of having to pick just one, the salesperson said that you could have every single dress on the floor.  You wouldn’t have to worry about money.  You wouldn’t have to worry about fitting them in your closet. All you needed was a mere thought, and the perfect dress would be delivered to your home in an instant.

The only thing you needed to do right now was to pick a dress—any dress— so that you could write your name and address down on the registry. And once you were in the registry, you were set for life. You could have any dress that you wanted whenever you wanted. And you could even have more than one dress at a time.  Would this be bliss now?

Your “Perfect” Niche

Forget about finding the perfect niche

You don’t need to find the perfect niche. It’s like the dress shopping example. All you need to do is pick one dress so that you can get your name on the registry. So pick one niche, one silo, one dress—whatever you want to call it— and start from there.

You can have more than one niche at the same time

If you’re someone who has multiple interests and talents, you thrive on variety. Forcing yourself to choose just one niche is pure agony and goes against everything that you are. The key to working with multiple niches is to find the common thread that links them all.

What is the underlying passion that points you in the same direction regardless of the message or the audience? For me, my passion is to teach and I love the before-and-after transformation. This enables me to unite three very different niches: Dragon Spirit, Chinese Reflexology and heart-centered web design.

Follow your heart

Regardless of whether you choose one niche, multiple niches or no niche at all, be fully committed with your energy. You have to commit with 100% of your heart, believe with 100% of your heart and always, always, ALWAYS follow your heart.