Morning Intentions

I’m sipping a soy chai latte at Starbucks.  At the counter, there was a little card recommending music selections and it said, “Little Dragon”.  I don’t know if that was the band or the song, but it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that this is another little reminder from the universe at the right moment.

Last night, I was channelling my Dragon Spirit and asked how to share my Dragon Spirit sessions.  And while I had been toying with the idea of offering free consultations, my Dragon Spirit (DS) gave me very precise directions again.

I told myself that I should definitely offer FREE consultations and include that information on the page where people can download the notes on 12 Ways to Use Effortless Action to Accomplish Anything, which by the way, I will be speaking about at my presentation for the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit, this Wednesday, August 17th at 6pm PST (9pm EST).  Just now, my DS told me to capitalize FREE in the first sentence of this paragraph and to bold the date.  At this point, I no longer question, I just follow my heart.

For this blog, I was directed to write about how I created an international telesummit to inspire and empower women in just 6 weeks, while looking after my toddler full-time.  I had only two hours each night and I began with only an idea and nothing else. My DS says that this will be of value and inspiration to many people.

When I *think* about it, I’d have to wholeheartedly agree.  How many times do you read an inspirational story of someone who completely transformed their lives and they gloss over the actual transformation process?  E.g., So I was on welfare, realized that I needed to change and then started my business.  End of story.

Okay, that’s a little facetious, but you know what I mean.  For me, I really want to know what did they do, what was going through their minds?  What were the details of the process so that I may be able to glean some wisdom from their experience?

And I realize that by the time I hear their story, they have long since moved past the early days and they may have forgotten all of the details themselves.  There’s no sense holding onto the past, but it is of value to share what you learn along the way.

So on that note, I will be retro-blogging–looking for old notes and FB posts and status messages.  I’ll add them to this blog and backdate the entries so that you can watch this entire process unfold.

I’ll pull out the gems and the inspiration and highlight those in each blog posting.  While I am writing for myself, I recognize and appreciate you as an audience.

And now, it’s time to get to work.  For today, I set my intention to connect with the people who want and would benefit from a Dragon Spirit session, and who are willing to pay for one.

Interesting last sentence, huh?  Three days ago, writing that would have triggered me immensely.  However, I had a wonderful Psych-K® session with Marielle Smith, one of the speakers for the telesmmit on Friday evening.  In just 30 minutes, I was able to reprogram limiting beliefs I held about money.

Basically, I had a deep-seated belief that by accepting money from people, I was creating an onerous burden for them.  Long story(ies) from childhood (perhaps a future post). Marielle walked me through three new belief statements about money and they took like a fish to water.

Okay, time to get to “work”!

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