Dragon Spirit Exploration Session

Thanks for joining me, Mo & Bee on Everyday Spirits Radio. To help you start your new year with a fresh start from the heart, I want to give you a Dragon Spirit Exploration Session for free.  No strings attached. No obligation to buy anything. Just an opportunity to connect and explore.

In this 20-minute one-on-one session (by phone or Skype), you’ll:

  • Gain clarity on what’s going on in your current situation
  • Hear from your heart and soul why you’re procrastinating
  • Learn how you can move forward expansively and effortlessly from the heart

*** Stop Procrastinating Already! ***

To help you take action and stop procrastinating, you have just 7 days (until Dec. 22, 2011) to claim your free Dragon Spirit Exploration session.  And because I’m a full-time mom to a toddler, I have to set boundaries for my business.  I’ve set aside a few time slots in January for these complimentary sessions and once they’re filled, they’re gone. Stragglers will be wait-listed :) .

To claim your free session:

  • Email dragonspirit [@] hollytse.com
  • Include MOBEE as the subject header
  • Please share why your heart is calling you to explore
  • And also include your phone number, timezone and Skype ID (if you have one)

Thank you.  I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Much Love,