How to Know Your Soul’s Big Dream and Make It a Reality

How to Know Your Soul’s Big Dream and Make It a Reality

I used to think the be all and end all of launching and growing my business was to have a nice house, a nice car and be able to send my kid to a nice school. That all turned on its head when I told my husband of my aspirations.

He gently pointed out that we already had all of these things. I was about to protest, but when I ran the items through my mind, it was true. We did have a nice house. We did have a nice car. And my kid did go to a nice school. I was going to try another tactic and say I wanted a bigger house, a more expensive car and in terms of school, I was thinking of something other than preschool.

But I had to admit, my husband was right. It was enough of an eye-opener to cause me to go within and ask, “What really is my big dream?”

And I really couldn’t figure out the answer. It wasn’t my mind’s job to come up with the Big Dream. That’s what the heart is for. And when I actually set aside time to explore my dream and look within, that’s when I connected with my Dragon Spirit and realized that there was no end goal.

My dream was an ever-evolving dream—to experience the world with the joy and wonderment of a child, much like my son was showing me how. At the heart of my Big Dream is the desire to experience a child’s delight with the world. And this means tasting, experiencing, exploring, discovering, and of course, spontaneity and impulsiveness.

In the words of Dragon Spirit:

“Bring more of this into your life and physical objects and while the material possessions will pass through your life, you will always have the means to make it happen.”

The Benefits of Knowing Your Big Dream

It’s surprising how easily the mind can convince you that you already know what your Big Dream is. If you’re reading right now and thinking, “Oh, of course I know what I want,” guess what? You probably have barely scratched the surface.

When you know your Big Dream, everything flows effortlessly. Hard work becomes a thing of the past. Your big dream is the engine that fuels your desires and gives you the power to keep moving forward. It’s what feeds your heart and what generates the energy and inspiration to keep you on track, moving forward effortlessly and expansively.

Discover Your Big Dream

My Dragon Spirit guided me to create a guided meditation that will allow you to uncover your Big Dream. It’s just over 25 minutes in length. When you’re really ready to hear your soul’s whispers, you’ll listen. Until then, allow yourself to be intimidated by the time commitment :). Your mind is very good at keeping you from your heart.

It doesn’t do this out of maliciousness. It’s just what it knows. It continues to use paradigms of control that kept you safe as a child—things that gave you control over an otherwise untenable situation.

The mind just needs to be gently reminded that you are all grown up now and you have a much greater perspective and the wherewithal to choose differently.

What Do You Choose?

Right click here to download the Big Dream guided meditation