Following My Heart to Create the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit

I’m retro-blogging here to document my transformational journey in this blog so that it may light the way for others on a similar journey.  This was a note I wrote on Facebook to share with friends that I had invited to attend my Lotus Blossoming Telesummit.

Thank you for being curious enough to want to learn more ;). Here’s the back story behind the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit that begins on August 8th and ends on August 25th.

In the second week of May, I attended a conference called the Spiritual Marketing Quest. It was about finding your core audience and developing your message. Basically I wanted to know who am I here to help? I knew I had a burning desire to make an impact and to help uplift others, but I just didn’t know exactly how or who.

Many of you have followed me throughout my projects and journeys and adventures. And I truly appreciate your support throughout all of them, from bicycling across Canada, backpacking through Asia, founding a Dating Coaching business, writing and publishing ASIA’ZINE, pitching the Saucy Asians cooking show concept at the Banff Television Festival, competing in my first triathlon and learning to swim at the same time, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, practicing Chinese Reflexology, writing a book on cat toys, my freelance writing career as the green cat expert, etc. etc.

Your words of encouragement have helped sustain me and inspire me during these past two decades of my life. Many of you have expressed amazement at all that i have been able to be, do and accomplish without knowing what the heck I’m doing and somehow making it all seem so effortless. And only yesterday, did it finally click in, that this is one of the key aspects of my brilliance. So, thank you. Thank you to everyone who kept repeating the same message to me. I finally got it!

At the conference, about 6 weeks ago, I had an “aha moment” and discovered that my core audience was Asian women and that I am here to lead the movement to empower Asian women. This was a complete surprise to me at first, since I thought my audience and message were going to be health-related. Yet, in retrospect, I realize now that it was always staring me in the face and that everything I had done was culminating in this moment. It was a truly powerful feeling. It IS a truly powerful feeling.

So, I had an idea to run a weekend retreat and also to create an online telesummit that would feature Asian women who own their power as speakers. That was on May 15th. Fast forward 6 weeks later and I’ve created the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit. I found 10+ speakers (should be 12 by the time the telesummit starts). I designed and built the website. I set up the email registration back-end and now, I’m telling everyone about it.

Even I’m impressed at how quickly this has come together and I’m used to moving fast like the wind. This time however, I am following my heart. Every major decision, I have asked my soul for the answer. Instead of following my usual template of coming up with a project plan, I’m allowing things to develop organically and I am making all of my choices (as best as I can) based on how I FEEL, not what I THINK.

This has been an incredible experience. It’s been really relaxed. Of course, I’m human and have my moments of resistance, but I’ve learned to spot them now and can step back and wait until I’m feeling good about moving forward before moving forward again.

I’m making all of this happen, with just a couple of hours in the evening here and there as I look after my two year old boy all day during the week. And on the weekend, it’s family time. “Wow!” as my son would say.

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to join me in this adventure. Sign up for the Telesummit. I’ll be sharing how I am able to accomplish amazing things effortlessly. If I can save you some time and energy, i promise it will be worth your hour for tuning in. Plus, my heart has directed me to invite some really amazing amazing women to speak at the conference. They’re really worth listening to.

Please join me at

And, please share this link with your friends. The event is open to everyone :)

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