Find Your Passion and Life Purpose

Find Your Passion and Life Purpose

I used to be one of those people who didn’t believe I had a calling in life. I had too many interests, I got bored easily and I couldn’t focus on just one thing.

Then one day, after years of assuming that I would never be passionate about just one thing, I made the decision to always follow my heart. And suddenly, it was like a switch turned on inside me and everything went from good to Technicolor amazing.

Within weeks of choosing to follow my heart, my life completely transformed. I stepped into my brilliance, embraced my power and found my life’s purpose.

My passion is transformation and connection. My life’s calling is to teach and inspire.

It’s my passion to help you find your true calling so that you can find your voice, own your brilliance and live your passion.

8 Ways to Find Your Passion

1. Get in touch with your emotions.

If you’ve learned to shut off or tune out your emotions, you won’t be able to find your passion. How can you experience passion if you’re always in your head? It can be scary to allow yourself to feel, but it’s the only way that you’ll be able to find your passion.

So go ahead, give yourself permission to feel. Trust your Higher Self to ensure that whatever comes up, it will be within what you are fully capable of handling.

2. Do a 24-hour mind detox.

If you want a shortcut to discover your life’s calling, be aware when you are doing or thinking things that lower your vibration. Basically anything that makes you feel tired, stressed or depleted is lowering your vibration. E.g., watching depressing news on TV, eating food that’s not good for your body, criticizing yourself or others.

Make a commitment for the next 24 hours to not do anything that lowers your vibration. If you catch yourself judging or criticizing, simply stop. By the end of the 24 hours, you’ll be amazed at how much lighter and energized you feel. In this natural state of being, you’ll have much more focus, clarity and awareness to find your true calling.

3. Figure out if the voice you’re hearing is your head or your heart.

We all have a constant monologue running in our heads. Most of the time, it’s our minds that are chattering non-stop, but every once in awhile, your heart whispers to you. So how do you know when it’s your heart vs. your head? Here are a few clues:

  • If what you’re hearing makes you feel bad or fearful, it’s your head talking.
  • If it sounds like judgment or criticism, it’s your head.
  • If you have to ask which voice it is… Yup, head again!
  • If you feel it in your body, it’s your heart.
  • If it feels like a gentle, yet persistent voice, that’s your heart.
  • If what you’re hearing makes you feel excited and alive, it’s your heart.

4. Let go of your red herring.

Many times, we’re really close to our life purpose, but just a little bit off the mark. We’re following a red herring instead and we wonder why we don’t have a sense of fulfillment. One example that comes to mind is a dear friend whose job was to help secure grants for creative programs. This was her red herring because she *thought* it was her calling to work in a creative field, but really her passion wasn’t about getting funding for the arts, but to be the artist herself.

My red herring was the belief that I was here to heal the planet. When I let go of my mind’s attachment to the idea of healing, I was then open enough to hear what my soul was calling me to do.

5. Stop studying and start experiencing.

There is no book, course or seminar you can take that will reveal your true purpose in life. In fact, the more you study and try to figure things out, the more your life’s calling will elude you. This is because you’re approaching how to find your passion from your mind.

You can’t think your way into discovering your life’s passion. You have to feel and experience your way.

6. Look within to find your passion.

Too often, people look externally to find a person or thing that they’re passionate about and mistake this for their true passion in life. Instead of seeing your purpose as something you do for other people, look within to uncover what it is about helping others that gives you joy?

7. Allow yourself to accept your life’s calling.

Most people already know what their life purpose is. It’s crossed their minds quite a number of times, but they’ve managed to talk themselves out of it. E.g., It’s not the right time. It’s not practical. It won’t make me money. It’s not something that I can do.

To find your passion, give yourself permission to accept what it is that you’re truly passionate about. It might not make much sense to your mind right now, but if you open yourself up to the possibility, you’ll be amazed at how easy, effortless and expansive your life can be.

8. Have a conversation with your soul.

If you want the fastest and easiest route to find your passion, have a conversation with your soul. Try meditating for 20 minutes and then either pick up a pen and write or speak out loud to ask what your true calling is. Allow your voice to flow freely despite any judgment or protest that may come from your mind.

If you find yourself getting stuck, consider a Dragon Spirit session. In a Dragon Spirit session, you get out of your head and into your heart to hear what your soul is calling you to do. You’ll be guided to a space of heightened clarity and awareness where you’ll uncover and remove any blocks that are stopping you from finding your passion. Any fears, red herrings, or limiting belief structures will be released so that you experience a perfect harmony of your mind, heart and soul.

I find that Dragon Spirit sessions are the fastest way to step around your mind and reveal the truth at the core of your being. I specialize in working with people who have been struggling for months or even years to figure out what their life purpose is. Every one of my clients has discovered their life’s calling in just a few weeks and they know and feel it in every cell of their body.

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