Embrace Your Brilliance for Success on Your Terms

More and more, I’m appreciating the truth to the phrase, “Be yourself to succeed” and I’m realizing that it goes much deeper than simply NOT pretending to be something you’re not.

Being yourself is about embracing your brilliance and FLAUNTING it. Whatever makes you YOU, whatever makes you YOUNIQUE (unique) is what you need to embrace and proudly proclaim to the world. Even if you feel that there’s nothing unique about you (which is silly, because of course, there is!), that’s still something to own. E.g., “My life is so unremarkable and boring, that’s what makes me special. I’m normal and average, that’s why what I’ve accomplished is so remarkable.”

I just read an amazing story about a 22-year old woman who started a business and grew it into a $100 million fashion retail empire. I’m sure the “experts” would have told Sophia Amoruso that she was insane, that she lacked experience, that it was impossible to break into retail and that she would get “squashed like a cockroach”. I watch a lot of “Shark Tank” and that’s one of Kevin O’Leary’s favourite phrases before he shreds a presenter on the show.

With all these odds stacked against her, how did she succeed? She embraced who she was. She sold clothes that matched her personal style and she embraced her inner nastiness! She named her company, “Nasty Girl” and didn’t try to get people to like her. She even put up with a lot of people shunning her because the company name sounded like a porn site.

However, it turned out that a lot of women were eagerly wanting to embrace their own inner nasty girly and show it with bold style statements.

What’s amazing is how true Ms. Amoruso stayed true to who she was and now she’s hugely successful. You can read more of her story here.

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