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The First Time I Experienced a Past Life (Through Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy) – Part 1

I was cleaning out the closet a few weeks ago and found an old journal from a decade ago.  BTW, if you’re holding onto old journals full of angst, I’d highly recommend sending them to the recycling bin.  It’s very liberating.  I threw out pages and pages of writing, including stuff I’d written in university, about TWO decades ago.

Let’s just say wherever you are now, is probably a much better place than where I was back then.  I didn’t spend much time re-reading entries.  There’s no point in rehashing the past unless you want to rekindle the energy of that time period.  This was an era I was ready to let go of.

I did however, find one very interesting entry.  It’s from when I first experienced a past life.  At the time, I was recovering from the long-lasting effects of a traumatic car accident.  I was also very mind-centered back then.  Going for past life regression hypnotherapy was very outside of my box back then and my analytical mind dissected the experience to death (bad pun intended).

Now, past lives are just par for the course for me.  I accept them as readily as I accept that I need oxygen to breathe. What about you?  I’m curious what you think about past lives.  Have you recalled past life experiences before?  Please feel free to share.

(I don’t have the exact date, because I threw out the rest of the journal and don’t know exactly when I wrote this)

I went to see Barb Keshen.  She was not as I expected.  She was older with dark hair.  I pictured someone wispier with pale skin.  She was very warm and friendly though.

It was not what I expected, but it was exactly what I needed.  I feel lighter.  I felt beaming right afterwards.  I’m kinda tired now, but feel I should try to capture some of the events and feelings. 

I didn’t really “see” a past life, nor did I get a strong sense that life continues on after death.  That was not conveyed to me.  As well, my career direction is to be hidden to me.  My guidance is to trust myself to open my eyes and look for it.  I said it would probably be about 6 years.

I visualized floating images which the conscious mind can write off as fanciful imaginings.  However, the words that kept pouring out of my mouth seemed very real and much more articulate, clear and succinct than that which I can normally spout off.

At first, I was reluctant to just go with what I was saying, but the more I went with it, the more I had to say.

I also felt a strong tingling sensation in my lips, my third eye and the top of my head.

I told myself that much of my physical pain stems from emotional blockage, especially my lower back.  My shoulder was like an eddy of water/emotion.  It wasn’t flowing.  There is an emotional knot of energy swirling there.

In my stream, I pictured myself as a blond women with pale skin and very green emerald eyes.  At first, I just saw a fleeting outline in darkness.  Barb kept probing to try to illuminate what I was seeing.  She kept asking questions.  Is the figure male or female?  etc.

At first I didn’t feel the least bit connected to this blond women, Clarina, but as Barb questioned me about her, I was able to speak about her and the words just poured out of my mouth.

Klarina was Northern European, Swiss maybe.  She was very attuned to nature.  She felt nature.  She studied it.  She saw it. She felt it.

She could think thoughts to people and animals. She had a big fuzzy grey dog. She was closer to the dog than to people because she could think to it and it would understand.

Her husband, no one I recognize, was not able to hear her thoughts. She felt distant from him because of this. She was distant from people.

And there was a waterfall that she used to go to. And this waterfall recharged her. The water was alive. It gave her white light. She saw and felt white light from the water. The water healed her emotionally.

When she became old, she walked with a large gnarly cane. She could no longer go to the waterfall. She felt tremendous sadness because of it.

At this point, I felt such sadness, I began to cry. Those emotions felt so real.

Klarina wore a bluish, greyish dress with swirly patterns on it because it reminded her of the water. In this life, music can help me remember the waterfall because it flows. Also I dislike swimming in a pool because the water is dead. It’s not alive. It’s dead. It’s chlorinated. It has been killed.