After Expansion, Comes Expulsion

In the week post-telesummit, there is so much that I’d like to write, but I just don’t feel like it right now.  I had discussed the waxing and waning of energy with one of the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit speakers, Marja West, last Sunday and she felt the contraction of energy was part of the natural process of life, like the waxing and waning of yin and yang.

She felt that a contraction of energy after a great expansion was part of a purging process.  To make way for the new, you have to purge the old.  She said that rather than ride out the cycle, she prefers to observe.  By doing this, she experiences more of a middle ground and less of the volatile highs and lows.

I like her perspective.

In the past, I would judge myself for taking a step backwards after moving forwards, but if I view it as a natural rhythm, then it’s a non-issue.  I have learned to simply be quiet and allow the cycle to pass.  I’m in the purging phase right now.  Resting and going through some old habits as I integrate the new and expel the old.

It seems fitting that we are visiting family right now.  This is where I was when my telesummit journey began in earnest.  This is where I am when my journey has ended–the telesummit journey, that is.  I have just begun an amazing new adventure in my life.  I am such a different person today than I was three months ago.

The change was rapid, monumental and completely transformational.  If I choose to eat some cheezies, watch wedding reality shows, read Chatelaine magazine and buy some teen lit on werewolves, I will just enjoy it.

The Waxing and Waning of Energy

Yesterday, I felt a little drained, tired and fearful.  It was good that Ellen had to reschedule her interview last night to Saturday.  After shining so brilliantly the day before, it seemed that I retreated from the light.

I recognized this and held back on my activities, especially online communications, and trusted that the mood would pass.  Sure enough, towards the end of the afternoon, I began to feel lighter again and by the end of the day, I could feel my energy levels rebuilding.

I had a tremendous Dragon Spirit session that evening where I gained crystal clear clarity on the direction in which I am to grow my practice.

The waxing and waning of my energy made me wonder if it is a natural thing to feel a little deflated the next day.  Did I expend so much energy that I was just physically tired?  Or, did I see my brilliance and what I was capable of and reacted in fear?  Was it the fear that left me feeling tired?

Interesting to ponder, as this morning, I awoke feeling rejuvenated and joyful, and full of love and optimism.  Yet, I had gone to bed late that evening and according to physical measures, I should have been feeling very tired.

Marielle Smith suggested that it’s natural to have cycles of energy and to recognize and appreciate them.  During the waning phase, just relax, recharge and rest.  There is much wisdom to this advice.

I can’t help but notice though that I follow a pattern where great success is followed by a contraction of energy.  In other words, two steps forward, one step back.  Does everyone experience this?  Is this the natural cycle?

When I feel I am stepping back, I literally step back and do nothing.  Action from a state of blah-ness results in blah-ness at best, or a complete disaster, such as the plastic knob that opens up the back of your MacBook snapping off and thus, making it extremely difficult to remove the battery for a memory fix and hard drive upgrade.  Yes, that happened about a month ago :).

I am blessed with being able to move through foul moods very rapidly.  If you tend to get stuck in the blues, I’d highly recommend reading, “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Abraham-Hicks.

It’s a little “woo woo” as Annie Lin would say, but it provides really brilliant examples of common situations and how to change your thought patterns to feel better in a very short timeframe.

After the Show – The Eye of the Storm

Borrowing another Oprah-ism, I decided to title this post, “After the Show”. Right now, I feel I am in the calm center of a tornado.  However, tornado is probably too strong a word to describe things, although I do change like the wind and much change is going on around me.

I just finished giving my presentation for the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit and once again, my Dragon Spirit nailed the session. In the past, I would spend several days over the course of a few weeks to prepare for a presentation, but for this one, I didn’t have that luxury since I’m running my telesummit at the same time.

On Sunday evening, I sat down on the couch and asked my DS what to talk about and as always, I received very clear instruction.  Instead of talking out loud to access my DS, this time, I chose to write out the answers.  I could barely keep up with how fast the words were coming out as I wrote.

I did receive direction maybe about a week ago that I would do a 20-minute live Dragon Spirit session during my interview.  However, I had no idea what direction the session would take.

For someone having no idea what I would say for 20 minutes of a 60 minute interview, I was amazingly calm.  I trust my DS to give me guidance on what to say next.  And as sure as a teleprompter, images and words just come to me.  If you listened in live or to the audio recording, I invite you to leave your comments here.  I’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

Tonight, really is the calm between the vortex of activity that I’ve been experiencing for the telesummit.  Last Saturday, I recorded Murshidah Said’s interview on LOVE & RESPECT.

Sunday, I touched base with Sacha who inspired me to start this blog.  I also re-recorded the intro for my interview with Kristina and my husband graciously patched it into the audio recording at the last minute.  I also drafted questions to send to Ellen Shing for her interview on Finding Your Perfect Fit.  And I went grocery shopping at two stores, bought a picture frame for family photos and found a penny on the ground right next to the shopping carts at Trader Joe’s.  That was just Sunday :).

From Monday to 5:45pm today, I had set the intention to welcome the people who would want a Dragon Spirit session.  That entailed creating a few new web pages, writing my guide on the “12 Ways of Effortless Action: How to Accomplish Anything With Ease and Grace“  Of course, since I’m a designer by nature, I enjoyed fiddling with the fonts and layout so that it would look nice and read well.

Speaking of which, I also connected with this amazing web designer who is listening to the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit. If you’re in need of a beautiful design for your business, I highly recommend that you check out Caroline’s work at

I also agreed to do a Dragon Session this morning for a friend.  In spite of all this activity, it really wasn’t a tornado.  It felt more like a breezy day.  Tonight is the calm moment, so I may use it to catch up on housework.  The living room could really use a vacuum.  Spot sweeping has only gotten us so far ;).

Also, since I haven’t had much time to cook this week with three live interviews, it will be a waffle, yoghurt and fruit night for dinner tomorrow.  Two interviews tomorrow night.  The live one is with relationship expert, Annie Lin on How to Find Your Soulmate, who by the way, did an awesome job interviewing me tonight.

I gave her a list of questions and points that I wanted to cover and she added her own insights and asked in a way that enabled me to speak to my points in a very natural way.  Thanks Annie.

After the live interview, I’m pre-recording Ellen Shing’s the same night.  Friday, is Olivia Vicky Lee‘s interview.  Then, it’s editing time.  My husband is editing Murshidah’s.  Marielle will edit either Ellen or Olivia’s and I’ll be editing the remaining one.

Here’s one good takeaway for you.  Accept help when it is offered to you.  Marielle asked me, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  And of course, the Asian in me, says, “No thank you.  Please don’t trouble yourself.”  BUT, the Dragon Spirit says, “Not unless you know how to edit audio.”

BINGO!  Marielle exclaimed excitedly, “I do!”

So, be open to help from others.  If you’re hosting a dinner and someone asks if they can bring anything, say, “Yes”.  If you’re swamped at work and your boss says, “What can I do?”, throw out a suggestion.  You never know how others can help you until you allow them to.


Behind the Scenes of the Behind the Scenes Interview With Kristina Wong

Kristina WongTonight’s interview with Kristina Wong was actually pre-recorded in July.  Kristina is currently on a vision quest, backpacking through Asia, so we had to record her interview before she left.

It was the very first interview that I did for the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit.  In fact, it was the first ever interview I had ever done in my entire life.

I spent a lot of time preparing questions in advance and I didn’t know that the web service I use, Instant Teleseminar, has a local dial-in feature where people can call a local number to access the teleseminar.  So, instead of just having Kristina call in from L.A., I went through an elaborate process of doing a 3-way call with my home phone connected to the teleseminar as the host and then dialling in to Kristina as the third caller.

Yah, it was confusing.

And it made my voice REALLY LOUD, and Kristina’s super quiet, which would happen only in Bizarro world in real life. Fortunately, my husband meticulously went through the audio file, which by the way was all on one track, and increased the volume for Kristina where necessary.

I also re-recorded the intro since I had to make up a recap of the previous week’s interviews in July before they had even happened.  I wasn’t too far off the mark and would have kept it as is, except that I grossly mispronounced Marielle’s name (“mar” rhymes with “are” and the emphasis is on the last syllable).

Fortunately, Kristina is a real pro at interviews so she was the perfect speaker to have as my first ever interview.  I hope she gets her new ATM card when she arrives in Saigon.

Morning Intentions

I’m sipping a soy chai latte at Starbucks.  At the counter, there was a little card recommending music selections and it said, “Little Dragon”.  I don’t know if that was the band or the song, but it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that this is another little reminder from the universe at the right moment.

Last night, I was channelling my Dragon Spirit and asked how to share my Dragon Spirit sessions.  And while I had been toying with the idea of offering free consultations, my Dragon Spirit (DS) gave me very precise directions again.

I told myself that I should definitely offer FREE consultations and include that information on the page where people can download the notes on 12 Ways to Use Effortless Action to Accomplish Anything, which by the way, I will be speaking about at my presentation for the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit, this Wednesday, August 17th at 6pm PST (9pm EST).  Just now, my DS told me to capitalize FREE in the first sentence of this paragraph and to bold the date.  At this point, I no longer question, I just follow my heart.

For this blog, I was directed to write about how I created an international telesummit to inspire and empower women in just 6 weeks, while looking after my toddler full-time.  I had only two hours each night and I began with only an idea and nothing else. My DS says that this will be of value and inspiration to many people.

When I *think* about it, I’d have to wholeheartedly agree.  How many times do you read an inspirational story of someone who completely transformed their lives and they gloss over the actual transformation process?  E.g., So I was on welfare, realized that I needed to change and then started my business.  End of story.

Okay, that’s a little facetious, but you know what I mean.  For me, I really want to know what did they do, what was going through their minds?  What were the details of the process so that I may be able to glean some wisdom from their experience?

And I realize that by the time I hear their story, they have long since moved past the early days and they may have forgotten all of the details themselves.  There’s no sense holding onto the past, but it is of value to share what you learn along the way.

So on that note, I will be retro-blogging–looking for old notes and FB posts and status messages.  I’ll add them to this blog and backdate the entries so that you can watch this entire process unfold.

I’ll pull out the gems and the inspiration and highlight those in each blog posting.  While I am writing for myself, I recognize and appreciate you as an audience.

And now, it’s time to get to work.  For today, I set my intention to connect with the people who want and would benefit from a Dragon Spirit session, and who are willing to pay for one.

Interesting last sentence, huh?  Three days ago, writing that would have triggered me immensely.  However, I had a wonderful Psych-K® session with Marielle Smith, one of the speakers for the telesmmit on Friday evening.  In just 30 minutes, I was able to reprogram limiting beliefs I held about money.

Basically, I had a deep-seated belief that by accepting money from people, I was creating an onerous burden for them.  Long story(ies) from childhood (perhaps a future post). Marielle walked me through three new belief statements about money and they took like a fish to water.

Okay, time to get to “work”!

Sacha Inspired Me to Start This Blog

I was speaking with one of the speakers for the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit, Sacha Chua, this morning.

She is so passionate about blogging that she inspired me to create my own personal blog.  I’ve had a personal blog before, but I stopped writing after I felt the blog had fulfilled its purpose in my life.  However, Sacha sagely pointed out that we are always evolving and growing as people and hence, our blogs can too.

She felt that the “experts” have made people feel intimidated to blog.  E.g., you have to write often, your entries must be perfectly written, etc.

Instead, Sacha takes a fresh and casual approach where a blog is more like a journal or scrapbook to play with ideas.  Hmm, this is much more in line with what blogs were when they first began.

So, in that spirit, while there is much for me to write, it is enough that I start with this one simple post.

I’d like to write more about the creation process for the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit  as well as how I became a Dragon Spirit Guide.  Sacha also thought that since I’m a mom, that would also be a great topic to write about.  And indeed, there is much to write about being a parent.

So, let’s just say that this will be a blog about the life adventures of a mom, entrepreneur and Dragon Spirit Guide.  And we’ll see where it leads.

I just remembered a great idea Sacha had.  Instead of just doing an annual Lotus Blossoming Telesummit, she suggested having a smaller roundtable event each month.  I love it!

Following My Heart to Create the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit

I’m retro-blogging here to document my transformational journey in this blog so that it may light the way for others on a similar journey.  This was a note I wrote on Facebook to share with friends that I had invited to attend my Lotus Blossoming Telesummit.

Thank you for being curious enough to want to learn more ;). Here’s the back story behind the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit that begins on August 8th and ends on August 25th.

In the second week of May, I attended a conference called the Spiritual Marketing Quest. It was about finding your core audience and developing your message. Basically I wanted to know who am I here to help? I knew I had a burning desire to make an impact and to help uplift others, but I just didn’t know exactly how or who.

Many of you have followed me throughout my projects and journeys and adventures. And I truly appreciate your support throughout all of them, from bicycling across Canada, backpacking through Asia, founding a Dating Coaching business, writing and publishing ASIA’ZINE, pitching the Saucy Asians cooking show concept at the Banff Television Festival, competing in my first triathlon and learning to swim at the same time, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, practicing Chinese Reflexology, writing a book on cat toys, my freelance writing career as the green cat expert, etc. etc.

Your words of encouragement have helped sustain me and inspire me during these past two decades of my life. Many of you have expressed amazement at all that i have been able to be, do and accomplish without knowing what the heck I’m doing and somehow making it all seem so effortless. And only yesterday, did it finally click in, that this is one of the key aspects of my brilliance. So, thank you. Thank you to everyone who kept repeating the same message to me. I finally got it!

At the conference, about 6 weeks ago, I had an “aha moment” and discovered that my core audience was Asian women and that I am here to lead the movement to empower Asian women. This was a complete surprise to me at first, since I thought my audience and message were going to be health-related. Yet, in retrospect, I realize now that it was always staring me in the face and that everything I had done was culminating in this moment. It was a truly powerful feeling. It IS a truly powerful feeling.

So, I had an idea to run a weekend retreat and also to create an online telesummit that would feature Asian women who own their power as speakers. That was on May 15th. Fast forward 6 weeks later and I’ve created the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit. I found 10+ speakers (should be 12 by the time the telesummit starts). I designed and built the website. I set up the email registration back-end and now, I’m telling everyone about it.

Even I’m impressed at how quickly this has come together and I’m used to moving fast like the wind. This time however, I am following my heart. Every major decision, I have asked my soul for the answer. Instead of following my usual template of coming up with a project plan, I’m allowing things to develop organically and I am making all of my choices (as best as I can) based on how I FEEL, not what I THINK.

This has been an incredible experience. It’s been really relaxed. Of course, I’m human and have my moments of resistance, but I’ve learned to spot them now and can step back and wait until I’m feeling good about moving forward before moving forward again.

I’m making all of this happen, with just a couple of hours in the evening here and there as I look after my two year old boy all day during the week. And on the weekend, it’s family time. “Wow!” as my son would say.

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to join me in this adventure. Sign up for the Telesummit. I’ll be sharing how I am able to accomplish amazing things effortlessly. If I can save you some time and energy, i promise it will be worth your hour for tuning in. Plus, my heart has directed me to invite some really amazing amazing women to speak at the conference. They’re really worth listening to.

Please join me at

And, please share this link with your friends. The event is open to everyone :)