5 Lessons I Learned From a Bag of Nuts

Aside from the titillating innuendos that a nut bag can conjure up, I have to say I was rather amused by how a packet of salty almonds was the perfect message from the Universe to demonstrate the Joy of Powerfully Manifesting.

In Friday’s Dragon Spirit Radio Show, I guided listeners through an exercise to amp up their manifesting powers and get into the energy flow of creation. Basically, you had to tune into the energy of what you really wanted and then, instead of focusing your attention on that, you had to choose something fun and frivolous to manifest.

Dragon Spirit said that by focusing on something small, it would be a microcosm for the larger thing you wanted. However, because it was small, you’d be more likely to believe that you COULD manifest it. And, the fun and frivolousness of it would help to keep you in the joy of manifesting, which really is the key to attracting what you want into your life.

During the show, I focused on my desire to expand my financial abundance into the 7-figure range. And in the Dragon Spirit space, the fun and frivolous thing that came to mind was nuts.

Of course, when that popped into my mind, my first thought was “NUTS!!!???” However, I’ve seen enough of this crazy heart magic to know to trust the wisdom and go with it. And indeed, I learned some powerful lessons as I focused my attention for several days on manifesting nuts.

Here’s what I learned that will help you to Powerfully Manifest with Joy.

1. Get clear on what kind of nuts you want

Okay, we’ve all heard that you need to know what you want before you can get it, but have you actually applied your full attention to focusing in on what you want? I thought that “nuts” was a clear enough desire, but as I pondered upon nuts for a couple of days in a row, I realized that I could be a lot clearer on what kind of nuts I wanted.

Did I want salty nuts, candied nuts, peanuts, walnuts, trail mix, nutty flavoured things, a big bag of nuts, a handful of nuts—just what the heck kind of nuts did I really want? It took me two days of active pondering to decide that I wanted a small packet of salty nuts. Now, if it takes two full days of concentrated effort to come up with that, then you can imagine how something as loaded as financial abundance, a new home, or a life partner would require you to really focus your attention.

2. You have the means to go out and get the nuts

This was a beautiful message from the Universe because I discovered that I was hoping that magically someone would bring me some nuts. I thought to myself, “Surely, I’m in the energy of manifesting nuts. Why doesn’t someone bring me some?”

And the Universe answered by reminding me that my local Trader Joe’s sold a bunch of nuts, but I dismissed the thought because I mentally dismissed the several dozen types of nuts they sold because the packets were too big, the nuts too ordinary.

But the thought of the nut aisle at Trader Joe’s persisted and I realized that no one was going to bring me nuts because I had the means to go out and get the damn nuts myself. I could drive to the supermarket and just buy them.

And when I realized that, I saw how the Universe was showing me that much like the nuts, financial abundance wasn’t going to rain out of the sky for me. I had to make it happen, but it wasn’t a big deal because I had the means to make it happen.

And so do you! Whatever you want, the idea would not have crossed your mind if you did not have the means to make it happen. You’ve got it baby! Yeah, all of it. It’s just a matter of getting clear and realizing what you need to do to get some nuts.

3. Get out of the “woo woo”. At some point, you need to do something to make nuts happen

I was really into the visualization that would get me into the feeling of nuts. I focused my attention on enjoying these nuts. As I imagined the savoury salty flavour, the crisp crunch, and the feeling of holding nuts in my hands, I could actually feel my mouth start to water. I had fun making up nut songs and imagining eating nuts. I posted teasers on Facebook about nuts. I talked up nuts to my husband. But despite all this “getting into my vortex”, I still had no nuts.


I kept wanting the nuts to “magically” appear because that felt more like I was manifesting. At some point though, I realized that manifesting isn’t always about serendipitous events transpiring to deliver you what you want. Yeah, that’s way cool when it happens, but much of what we want in life can be answered by taking a mundane action.

And that’s what the nuts came down to. If I wanted nuts, I had to haul my ass to the supermarket and buy some nuts.

It’s great to get into the feeling of manifesting. It’s fun to visualize and imagine, but at some point, you’ve got to actually do something to make the nuts you want a reality.

4. If you go out to get nuts, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find

I was shopping for groceries at Trader Joe’s and ironically had to pick up some bags of nuts for my husband. As I scanned the shelves, I decided to be more open-minded. Maybe TJ’s had something I’d want and that’s when I spied their single serving almonds packs sold in a bundle. Hmmph, not what I wanted. They were the same old boring nuts I got from them all the time.

But I tried to keep my mind open. If they had one type of single serving nut, they might have more. I eagerly scanned the racks and then I spied it. A small packet of rare Marcona almonds, salted and flavoured with rosemary. These were premium almonds that were hailed to be the most flavourful Mediterranean almond.

With those credentials, I overcame my initial hesitation at the $5 price for a teeny bag of almonds. I bought them! Once I left the store, I didn’t even get in my car before I tore open the package to try the gourmet almonds. They were every bit as flavourful and creamy-tasting as the package claimed. What a find. I’d never heard of Marcona almonds before in my life and now I was indulging in the nuts of the gods.

Keep an open mind when you take inspired action and the Universe may deliver a pleasant surprise that isn’t anything like you envisioned, but every bit as yummy.

5. Getting the nuts doesn’t mean your life completely changes. It just means you get nuts to enjoy.

Do you ever load a scenario with way more baggage than necessary? Or in a more nice-y speak way, do you often try to find the hidden meaning or life-altering revelation in things that happen in your life? For example, the significance in a bag of nuts ;)

Once I got the nuts, ate the nuts and enjoyed the nuts, I realized that getting this bag of nuts wasn’t going to rock my world and transform my life. It just meant that I got to enjoy some tasty nuts.

Similarly, expanding my financial abundance wasn’t going to fundamentally shift the core of my existence. While I might be able to fly to the Mediterranean and eat nuts there, at the soul level, all was the same.

So, rather than put way too much weight into the outcome of manifesting something you want, realize that while your life may change, it will also stay the same. I once heard Eckhart Tolle describe this very eloquently. He said that people always asked him what it was like to be “enlightened” and also have so much money in his life.

He answered by describing his morning in minute detail. He got up. He brushed his teeth. He took a shower. He ate breakfast. He put one foot ahead of the other to walk to where he needed to go. Basically, he described his morning in a way that sounded much like everyone else’s morning.

Viewing your life in this way can help to remove a huge amount of pressure to manifest the thing you want. If it’s not a life-altering big deal, then it’s not something to stress about—which in turn makes it much more likely that it’s going to happen.

In a Nut Shell…

In a nut shell, it all comes down to this:

  1. Find your fun and frivolous thing to manifest
  2. Focus on manifesting it for a week or two
  3. Pay attention to what happens before and after it comes into your life.

And voila! You’ll gain valuable insights into what to do in order to make your “uber-important” big vision thing manifest into your life.

Listen to The Joy of Manifesting on Dragon Spirit Radio to find your fun and frivolous thing to manifest and discover more fun ways to create and manifest what your heart and soul desire.

P.S. Any titillating references to nuts in this article is purely coincidence, or some synergistic manifestation of the Universe!

What I Learned From Playing the Abundance Game

Today, I played the Abundance Game and met some new friends. I also learned some important lessons that I feel are important to write down, lest I forget. The game was a bit like an oracle divining messages to those ready and willing to observe. Some things were a reminder and some came out of left field, but were oh, so appropriate.

So here’s the wisdom I gleaned today:

  • To best align energy, just play the game (of life). Have fun. You don’t have to do anything. Just play.
  • Don’t put your fate in other people’s hands.
  • Play bigger.
  • Create a daily practice of appreciation. Appreciate your life AND the people in your life. And, let them know. Thank them.
  • Remember the goals and the big picture.
  • Don’t take away from the positive by comparing to the negative.
  • Find a way to serve more people for less.
  • Life lessons can be learned from positive experiences too, not just the negative ones.
  • Play to win, not just to play. (Loosely translated: while it’s awesome to play just for fun, if you want to reach your goals, play with the goal in mind)
  • I may be in “recess” mode a little too much. Time to get some stuff done.
  • Show up on time
  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • When you’re passive income exceeds your expenses, you’re rich ;)

Skipping Through Life

Since making the decision to follow my heart six months ago, whenever I hear my inner voice urging me to do something, I act on the impulse. Most of the time, it’s urging me to do things that my rational mind would consider insane. Downright crazy!  But I’m so used to hearing the voice and seeing the amazing results that now, I’m usually game for anything.

Let’s look at one of my latest examples. I was crossing the street at a traffic light, and as I was walking infront of the cars my inner voice told me to start skipping.

“Skipping???!!!!” my mind exclaimed in horror.  THE HORROR!  “But the drivers in the cars will see me. I’m right infront of them. There’s no way I can pretend that they won’t notice me.”

Having become very familiar with my inner voice, I knew that following the impulse would be a good thing. I told my mind to pipe down and I made a very small, tentative skip/hop as I crossed the road. My mind confirmed, “Yep, crazy and embarrassing.”

However, I also noticed something very profound. Whenever I skipped, the movement was light and fun. I covered more distance much quicker and much more easily than walking.  And each time I skipped, a huge smile appeared on my face.

I skipped all the way home.

Now, imagine how far you could fly if you skipped through life. Imagine the big smile on your face as you skip along to wherever you’re going. The destination doesn’t matter all that much if you’re having fun along the way.

Go ahead, give it a try. I dare you. The next time you’re outside and there are people around you, try skipping. You know you want to… ;)

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone who tuned in to tonight’s open Dragon Spirit call.  I could feel your energy and I really appreciated your positive vibes and support.

This was the first time I have ever done an open call.  I sent out the notice at the last minute and had no idea what to expect or who, if anyone would call.  It was AWESOME fun!  Thanks for being a part of it!

It was so much fun, I’m going to do an open Dragon Session call every month.  And, I’m going to do it completely random based on whenever my Dragon Spirit says to do one.  It’ll be like those pop-up restaurants or last-minute tweeted locations for the bulgogi taco food truck :).

If you want to get in on the action, sign up for my newsletter (see the box on the right column) or follow me on Twitter!

Have a good night!


8 Things That Will Energize You Right Now

Ack! Have you been sitting at the computer too long?  I’ve been building out this website for over an hour and I need an energy boost.

I’d like to invite you along.  Here are 8 things that will instantly energize you right now and hopefully put a smile on your face too :).

  1. Close your eyes (but after you read this sentence first!).  Place your palms over your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Get off your chair.  Stand up.  Jump up in the air with your arms reaching to the sky, and exclaim, “Woohoo!”
  3. Try doing the “Bird Dance“. Come on, flap your wings at least once!  Are you wondering like I am why there are so many guys and so few girls in this class?
  4. Go get a glass of water and have a drink.
  5. Dream about your next vacation.
  6. Imagine being hugged.
  7. Sign up for a class that you’ve always wanted to take.  And by the way, that’s not a shameless plug for my Dragon Spirit Launch Pod.  <=== Psst, that was a shameless plug ;).  Actually, I had something more like this in mind.
  8. Watch 5 seconds of pure joy below.

Now, shut down your computer and relax!  Everything will get done and what doesn’t get done, didn’t need to be done in the first place.

A Fun and Inspiring Gift for You!

I was cleaning off my desk and found an old shoebox full of mementos. Inside, was a box of paper strips that I had written for myself almost 8 years ago. I had completely forgotten that I had done this and it was quite a treasure to rediscover.

Basically, I had made an advent paper chain for Christmas and I had written an inspirational message on each link.  Thus, each day, I could look forward to opening a ring and reading the message to myself.  It was a bit like a paper chain crossed with an inspirational fortune cookie.

While it’s not Christmas yet, why not make your own inspirational advent paper chain?  It’s super fun and super easy to do.  All you need is some paper cut into strips, a pen and some glue or tape to hold the rings together.  I thought it would be fun to share what I wrote to myself so many years ago, so here are the inspirational messages that were inside my paper chain:

  • I am a shining star!
  • Allow myself harmony
  • I am so clever
  • I am always there for me
  • I love me!
  • I am cheeky!
  • Pursue my passions
  • Good fortune today and every day
  • My true love gave to me a condo!
  • Love surrounds me
  • I am loving to myself
  • Happiness and joy are mine
  • I allow myself financial abundance.  I attract $$$
  • My life is an exciting journey
  • I am dynamic and fluid
  • Holly, I matter.  I count.
  • Eat well. Be healthy.
  • Play today and every day
  • I love me
  • I did this for me. I deserve it.
  • I am brilliant and amazing
  • My mind is brilliant
  • I allow myself to express my creativity
  • I am the Queen of manifestation
  • All is one
  • I am talented and others see this
  • I am nurturing. Nurture myself
  • Smart. And beautiful.
  • I am beautiful
  • I do not fear fear
  • I forgive myself
  • I love myself and all that surrounds me
  • Hug myself cuz I’m so cuddly
  • I’m sexy. Sexy is good.
  • Enjoy the abundance of friends
  • I learn and grow
  • One two three… oh so cheeky!
  • I am safe

Ooh, that was fun to re-read those messages to myself.  I think it’s time to make another paper chain!