Behind the Scenes of the Behind the Scenes Interview With Kristina Wong

Kristina WongTonight’s interview with Kristina Wong was actually pre-recorded in July.  Kristina is currently on a vision quest, backpacking through Asia, so we had to record her interview before she left.

It was the very first interview that I did for the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit.  In fact, it was the first ever interview I had ever done in my entire life.

I spent a lot of time preparing questions in advance and I didn’t know that the web service I use, Instant Teleseminar, has a local dial-in feature where people can call a local number to access the teleseminar.  So, instead of just having Kristina call in from L.A., I went through an elaborate process of doing a 3-way call with my home phone connected to the teleseminar as the host and then dialling in to Kristina as the third caller.

Yah, it was confusing.

And it made my voice REALLY LOUD, and Kristina’s super quiet, which would happen only in Bizarro world in real life. Fortunately, my husband meticulously went through the audio file, which by the way was all on one track, and increased the volume for Kristina where necessary.

I also re-recorded the intro since I had to make up a recap of the previous week’s interviews in July before they had even happened.  I wasn’t too far off the mark and would have kept it as is, except that I grossly mispronounced Marielle’s name (“mar” rhymes with “are” and the emphasis is on the last syllable).

Fortunately, Kristina is a real pro at interviews so she was the perfect speaker to have as my first ever interview.  I hope she gets her new ATM card when she arrives in Saigon.

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