Appreciation and Manifesting

Marielle Smith, one of the speakers at my Lotus Blossoming Telesummit, is now one of my best friends and I chat with her regularly on the phone. She’s incredibly intuitive and during one of our discussions, she told me that she got the sense that there was something in my ability to manifest that I should explore further.

I’m the Queen of Manifesting. I can attract anything into my life easily and effortlessly. No matter how obscure or unusual—especially if it’s obscure and unusual!

Some examples include attracting an entertainment lawyer to help me pro bono when I was creating a cooking show concept and also attracting a professional lobbyist when I was considering how acupuncture could gain traction as a legitimate healing modality if someone hired a lobbyist to lobby the government for laws and regulations to support alternative healing.

It was pretty amazing. Seriously, how often do you meet an entertainment lawyer or a professional lobbyist in your day-to-day life? But I did! And within a couple of weeks of putting out the intention to do so.

Right now, I’m not exactly sure how I will share this aspect of myself with my readers. Several years ago, I had considered writing a book on how I do this and calling it, “Personal Manifestation”. But then, The Secret came out and it just sounded so much sexier, so I abandoned the idea.

It does feel good to begin the discussion now and that’s good enough.

I’m sitting in my local Starbucks, down the road from my son’s preschool. Yeah, he started in September and now I have a whole hour and a half to myself twice a week. Woohoo!

Anyhow, I manifested two times right before writing this post. First, I got the parking space right infront of Starbucks. Then, when I walked in, all of the seats were taken except for one little bar stool wedged between a large gentleman gaming on his laptop and a woman who had placed her computer and bags on the bar counter to take up 3 spaces.

I kept sending out the intention that I wanted my own table. Even as I sat down in the cramped spot at the bar, I thought about getting my own table. As I did this, I scanned the coffee shop for anyone about to leave. They all looked quite settled.

Then, within seconds, the man in the table behind me, started packing up his laptop. I turned and asked him if he was heading out and he gave me a great big smile and said, “Yes”. I exclaimed, “Awesome! Perfect timing. Thank you so much.” and beamed a reciprocal smile at him. And, so here I am.

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