Amazing Things Happen When I Follow My Heart

About Holly

Thanks for popping by.  This page is a celebration of all that I have experienced as a result of following my heart. It’s okay that I went back and forth with my mind because everything has led me right here!

  • In May of 2011, I had an epiphany that my life purpose was to lead a movement to empower Asian women. As a result, I created the international Lotus Blossoming Telesummit in just 6 weeks.
  • Bicycled over 3,500 kilometres across Canada without knowing how to ride a bike
  • Overcame a fear of water by scuba diving in the ocean. When that didn’t fully cure my phobia, I simultaneously signed up for swimming lessons and a triathlon six weeks away. That did it!
  • Being a full-time mom and launching a new business
  • Studied a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 2 years
  • Became a Certified Massage Practitioner
  • Studied Traditional Chinese Reflexology from a Master Sifu and taught a course on it at Five Branches University
  • Travelled to 4 continents, including backpacking through Asia and Europe
  • Went from being a loser in dating to founding a Dating Coaching business and finding my soul mate in just 6 months. The business was featured on Toronto’s CityTV Breakfast Television and national primetime news in Canada.
  • Successfully created and pitched a cooking show concept and demo reel in just 3 weeks with no prior experience in TV and no chef credentials
  • Created and published an ezine on Asian identity that was featured in a university textbook on Asian American studies
  • Self-published, wrote, designed and illustrated a book on how to make eco-friendly cat toys
  • Became a Green Cat Expert and professional writer, with articles published on and in print, reaching hundreds of thousands of cat lovers
  • Created Green Little Cat, a blog on eco-friendly living ideas for cats, with visitors from 140 countries, translated into Russian and over 130,000 pageviews to date
  • Overcame a fear of singing in public by getting on a karaoke stage infront of 150+ people with two 10 foot high projection screens, and singing, “Lollipop”
  • Studied Tai Chi, Tae Kwan Do, Aikido and two styles of Karate
  • Sampled lots of sports: road biking, bicycle touring, mountain biking, flag football, ultimate frisbee, dragon boating, triathlon, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, yoga, kickboxing, etc.
  • Creative endeavours: life drawing, acrylic painting, watercolour, Japanese calligraphy, digital design, photography, colour and b&w photo development, woodworking, singing, improv, etc.
  • Student of spirituality and personal growth for over twenty years
  • Took a 50% pay cut to work for World Wildlife Fund to make a difference for the planet
  • Built a lucrative career in the Internet industry at the elite level, spanning over a decade and earning 6-figures, working on multi-million dollar websites and high-profile brands such as BMW, Ford, General Motors, Samsung, Yahoo! and PayPal.

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