About Holly

About Holly

As a Dragon Spirit Guide, Holly connects people to their Source and Soul so that they can find their unique path to brilliance and adventure.

When you find your voice and follow your spirit, everything in life flows—from love and relationships to physical vitality and YES, even the money flows too! More importantly, life feels like an adventure again, full of joie de vivre, effortless creation and delight in the perfection of every moment that is your life.

Holly is a serial entrepreneur and a Life Adventurer. She has consulted for Fortune 500 companies, she’s reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with her message and she’s even been the subject of a university textbook. Holly bicycled across Canada without knowing how to ride a bike and overcame a fear of water by signing up for swimming lessons and a triathlon at the same time. In her “spare time,” she is a full-time mom to a rambunctious toddler.

Okay, enough with the third person! Here’s what I really do:

I’m a tour guide to your Soul. I lead people on an adventure to uncover the brilliance within, find their voice and express it in the world. I help people hear their hearts and souls so that they can know with 100% certainty what their life passion is and to follow their path to brilliance. And if you step off the path, I’m there to call you on it!

I believe every individual is unique and we each have our own unique path to abundance, vitality and living our purpose. I help you bypass the tricks of your clever mind so that you can follow your heart. And yes, did I mention the money follows? (wink wink)

I specialize in rapid transformation for:

  • Multi-talented individuals who get distracted by shiny baubles in the sand—Yes, I can help you stay focused
  • Second-generation Asian women—Yes, I understand the double whammy of being Asian AND a woman
  • The brainy overthinkers—Yes, I know how to distract your mind so that you can hear your heart and of course, also engage in lively discussion about Schrödinger’s cat

Still reading? Well, here’s the truth about Me :)

Sometimes I look back at my life and wonder how could one person experience so much? How could one person live so many life lessons? More importantly, why the heck did I put myself through all that stuff? And then I had a realization, I can’t be the tour guide to your Soul unless I’ve been there.

Yeah, I know the tough terrain

Cultural angst, despondent in love (aka dating loser), broken body knocking on death’s door, earning $3/hr scrubbing toilets to selling my soul for six-figures, struggling to find my calling in life, and waking up one day to horror of horrors, an ordinary life as a suburban housewife. Eeesh, that was by far, the scariest life lesson of all, not that there’s anything wrong with being a housewife. It just wasn’t the life I set out to lead.

And amazingly, I’ve emerged triumphant…

  • I transmogrified my cultural angst into an online magazine with hundreds of thousands of readers that helped Asian Americans and Asian Canadians love themselves just a little bit more through the lens of humour. Yeah, that’s the one that got me featured in a university textbook.

  • I had to learn the physical vitality lesson TWICE. The first time I was in a car accident that left me in so much pain, I wished I was dead. One day, my boyfriend asked if we were still going to do the cross Canada bicycle trip we talked about before the accident. I was about to say, “No”, when I heard a voice inside me say, “If you say no, this accident is going to define you for the rest of your life.” So I said YES!

  • The second time, I let my soul-sucking job suck the life out of my body. I felt like a ghost, an apparition fading in and out of life. I found a new lease on life through Chinese Reflexology and bounced back from weird diseases and ailments to training for a triathlon a year later. Yes, that’s the one where I signed up for swimming lessons at the same time as the triathlon.

  • I’ve also been the biggest loser when it came to dating. I’ve had the stalker ex-boyfriend, the online dating dates who never called back. I thought I’d never find anyone and I flipped it around in two weeks. Within 6 months of the pivotal moment, I launched a Dating Coaching business and found my husband.

  • And let’s talk about abundance. Yes, I’ve scrubbed toilets for $3 an hour and I’ve also made so much money per hour that I probably earned $20 in the time it took me to use the toilet. I used to think you had to work hard and suffer for your cash. And then, my Soul clued me in to the truth. Abundance is a state of mind. And that cliche about following your heart and the money following? Psst, it’s true!
The nightmare of living an ordinary life deserves it’s own section. If you’ve read this far, I know you can relate to waking up one day and realizing with horror that you are not living the life you set out to lead. It’s probably a pretty good life, BUT it’s not the life you envisioned for yourself—the one you can see and feel and taste in your Soul’s eye.

For me, my moment of reckoning occurred when my son was less than a year old. I’d completely set aside myself to look after him. For reasons I can’t recall (hey, I was getting by on 2.5 hour stretches of sleep for a year, so I don’t remember much from back then), I took on the duties of cooking, cleaning, and housework.

I was sitting on the living room floor, watching my son crawl around and I burst into tears. I was not meant to be a housewife. This wasn’t the life I was supposed to be living. I loved my son dearly, but I knew that I was meant for more. And that if I kept on this trajectory, it would be like my potential was never realized.

Fortunately, that moment was the turning point for me to find the real purpose of my life and to step into my brilliance. I made a choice to follow my heart and soul. And in less than a year, I went from feeling alone, isolated, stuck and having a new year’s resolution of exercising once a month to the most incredible adventure of my life.

  • Unlocking the power to channel the Universe for myself and others
  • Following my passion and launching a thriving Dragon Spirit practice
  • Rocking out a telesummit to empower Asian women, getting the word out to 200K Asians and all, in under two months
  • Connecting with hundreds of enlightened women who are on a mission to transform the planet and meeting dozens of new friends who really understand me
  • Being invited to hang out with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert
  • And yes, the money’s there too! And the fancy car (wink wink)
It’s time to release YOUR Dragon Spirit and let the adventures begin!

So if you’re ready for your life of adventure, ready to follow your passion and ready for the ride of your life, I’d love to hear from you.

Connect with me at: DragonSpirit [AT] hollytse.com