8 Things That Will Energize You Right Now

Ack! Have you been sitting at the computer too long?  I’ve been building out this website for over an hour and I need an energy boost.

I’d like to invite you along.  Here are 8 things that will instantly energize you right now and hopefully put a smile on your face too :).

  1. Close your eyes (but after you read this sentence first!).  Place your palms over your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Get off your chair.  Stand up.  Jump up in the air with your arms reaching to the sky, and exclaim, “Woohoo!”
  3. Try doing the “Bird Dance“. Come on, flap your wings at least once!  Are you wondering like I am why there are so many guys and so few girls in this class?
  4. Go get a glass of water and have a drink.
  5. Dream about your next vacation.
  6. Imagine being hugged.
  7. Sign up for a class that you’ve always wanted to take.  And by the way, that’s not a shameless plug for my Dragon Spirit Launch Pod.  <=== Psst, that was a shameless plug ;).  Actually, I had something more like this in mind.
  8. Watch 5 seconds of pure joy below.

Now, shut down your computer and relax!  Everything will get done and what doesn’t get done, didn’t need to be done in the first place.

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