Awaken Your Dragon Spirit for 8 Days of Effortless Weight Loss – Day 8

Awaken Your Dragon Spirit for
8 Days of Effortless Weight Loss – Day 8

Welcome to Day 8.

My intentions for these past 8 days were to:

  • Open the dialogue between you and your body
  • Reawaken the joy and fun of being in your body
  • Guide you to a place where you’re now ready to take it further—where your body trusts you enough to share more messages with you


Yes, you can lose weight by doing an exercise/diet program, but the program uses your mind. There’s no way that your heart would be interested in measuring out exact portions, counting the calories, checking how many minutes you have to step on the step machine, or run however many miles on the treadmill at x intensity level, or track how many repetitions you’ve done.

That’s your mind. That’s the embodiment of your mind. And people do lose weight that way, but it comes at great effort. It’s a lot of work because the mind is pushing the heart, soul and body to do its will. And guess what? All three others are not too pleased.

So when the mind finally exhausts itself, that is when the weight bounces back because the mind loses its grip on control and it’s too tired to keep it going.


So rather than keep beating your head against the wall, just release and trust. Trusting your heart, trusting your soul and trusting your body. Because it really is that effortless. Release. And your body will take you to where you want to go. Stop trying to lose weight with your mind. It’s exhausting.

Give up and that’s when the weight will come off. When you stop trying to control, you release, give up, surrender to your body, and trust that your body can do this. That’s when the weight will come off without you even noticing.

It will fall off at the rate and time that is right for your body. Just allow it to happen.


Listen to your body’s cues that want you to move and feel excited about movement, to dance and play, and to challenge yourself. Listen to the voice that says, “Come try this, this will be fun.” And when you follow that voice, that’s when the weight will come off.

It’s time to surrender and release. That’s your choice today in this moment. Do you give up control?

For the next 24 hours (yes, go look at the time right now), be aware of your body. Ask your body what it wants to do. Listen to its messages and when you hear them, take action!

And on that note, I bid you adieu for now. It’s been a pleasure walking this journey together and I thank you for participating in these 8 days. With your feedback, I can learn, grow and make adjustments so that more people can rediscover the joy of being in their bodies.

This isn’t farewll, but a “see ya later” until we meet up again.

Lots and Lots and LOTS of Love,